About Me

My name is Tim Hedman. I am born and raised in a village outside Gävle that´s called Forsbacka.
I still live there and work daily as a CNC operator. My interest in cycling started in 2005, me and my friends started to do dirt jumping after school. One of my buddies got a downhill bike and after trying it once I was hooked. I started racing downhill in 2007 and have been every year since then and I´m still enjoying it as it was the first year of racing.

Competition in Gesunda, 2007

When i was 16 years old I went to a downhill biking Gymnasium in Vansbro for three years and that really gave me a good direction for me to follow for the years to come. After finishing my studies I moved home again and have been riding for as much as I can.




2011 (Junior)
1:st   National Championship         Gesunda
1:th  4X National Championship    Gesunda
3:th  Nordic championships            Kungsberget

2:th in the total SWEDHCUP
3:th in the total Nordic Cup
1:st  in the total SWE4XCUP

15:th  Nordic Championships       Drammen
4:th    National Championships    Gesunda
2:th    SWEDHCUP                            Vånga

4:th In the total SWEDHCUP

50:th     iXS German Cup                   Winterberg
79:th     iXS European Cup                Spicak
3:rd      Stockholm Cup                       Eckerö
139:th  World Cup                               Andorra
109:th  World Cup                               Hafjell
5:th       National Championships     Hammarbybacken

2:nd    SWEDHCUP                                Eckerö
1:st      SWEDHCUP                                Vallåsen
122th  European Cup                            Schladming
69:th   European Cup                            Val Di Sole
65:th   European Cup                            Les Deux Alpes
1:st      SWEDHCUP                                 Hammarbybacken
8:th     SWEDHCUP                                 Åre
7:th     National Championships          Falun

1:st in the total SWEDHCUP
6:th in the total Sweden Enduro Series

10th  Sweden Enduro Series               Vallåsen (SWE)
59th  European Downhill Cup             Willingen (GER)
21th  Swiss Downhill Cup                     Morgins (SUI)
48th  European Downhill Cup             Schladming (AUT)
51th  German Downhill Cup                Brandnertal (AUT)
55th  European Downhill Cup             Spicak (CZE)
38th  European Downhill Cup             Les 2 Alpes (FRA)
1st     National Championships          Umeå (SWE)
70th  World Championships               Val Di Sole (ITA)

7th Vallåsen                                   Enduro Sweden Series
45th Kranjska Gora                      iXs European DH Cup
12th Gothenburg                          Enduro Sweden Series
27th Sestola                                   European Championship
55th Schladming                          iXS European DH Cup
37th Innsbruck                             Crankworx DH Cup
5th Brandnertal                            iXS German DH Cup
299th La Thuile                             Super Enduro Cup
23th Spicak                                     iXs European DH Cup
1st Vallåsen                                    South Swedish DH Cup
2nd Hafjell                                     Scandinavian DH Cup
3rd Åre                                           Scandinavian DH Cup
1st Gesunda                                   Scandinavian DH Cup

2nd in the total of the Scandinavian DH Cup where I missed 2/5 competitions due to European cups.




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