First update of 2018!

It’s been a while now since I updated the website. I once again want to thank all my sponsors and the people around me for all the support during 2017. I’m really grateful to have you guys backing me up and making it possible for me to perform the very best that I can. My hope for 2018 is that my racing will improve even more and that we will have a good and fun year with lots of riding to look forward to .

Recently I have been spending a lot of time in the gym and on the indoor bike and due to my tight workout schedule the website have been pushed back a bit. This winter I have been given a complete program from Idrottsgruppen Dalarna and I have been following it strictly now for almost two months. I have been focusing on max strength in the gym and the progress so far has been really good. Soon I will enter a period where my focus will be on Explosive reps instead and stamina. Besides spending time in the gym I’ve been riding a lot in Hofors indoor bmx park to maintain my basic bike skills, something I enjoy very much.

Beside from the training I am trying to plan my upcoming race season and negotiate with sponsors.

For more freqently updates you can check my instagram account: timhedman


Hopefully the next update will be some sponsor updates! 🙂


The race season is officially over

Due to an illness I could not participate in the National Enduro race in Falun. I had prepared with spending some extra time on my enduro bike and making the bike a bit fresher with new stickers and some service.  I was really bummed to miss the race, but when I look back on the season this is my first time being sick so I´m still pleased considering that.

For now my focus will be on having fun on my bike and just play around while I visit the bike parks. Soon the bike parks will close and then I will focus on getting my strength up during the off season.

Right now I am working on getting more sponsors for the next year so I can compete even more.
I like to thank everyone that has supported me this year and helped me along the way. Here is my official sponsor picture from this year.

Scandinavian Cup – Gesunda

Gesunda was my last scheduled downhill race for this season, it feels like the season has gone by way too fast! I have had a blast throughout the whole season and I was really eager to make a good result here. With this race being so close to home and since I already know the track pretty well I decided to drove up to Gesunda early on Saturday morning. I got there and started to walk the track to see if there was some big changes compared to earlier years, but it was pretty much the same. They had banded the track a lot wider than before though so there was some new line choices at some sections. The track is pretty short but it´s quite intense with a high average speed and a lot of pointy rocks that you can´t really notice until you hit them. Anyway, the training went good but I felt like I needed to look a bit closer on my line choices at some sections so I decided to walk the track once again after the training was done.
I had a few parts on the track in mind that I wanted to take a further look into and in one section I found one completely new line that I decided to try out on Sunday.

With this competition only being two hours away from my home I got some family members to support me on Sunday and I felt really motivated to do my best. Gesunda has always been a good place for me if you look at the results. This was the place where I took my very first win in a downhill competition back in 2011 when I was racing the Junior class, the day before that I also won the nationals in fourcross here. In 2012 I got 4th place in the Downhill Nationals as a first year elite, only one second away from the podium. So this place only brings good memories for me.

I tried out my new line choice early on Sundays training and it felt really good, I had all the other sections dialed and I was ready to go after it. In my seeding run I had a stable and smooth run with no major mistake and I qualified as 1st with a time of 1:31:75!

Final run, I was last man down and I was really excited, but this time in a good and relaxed way. I got through the first section really good and had a general good feeling. The bottom part was really good too, I kept my nerves in check almost all the way down. When I got to the finish jump I pedaled way more into it than I did in the training. I was prepared to fly longer than before but I was not ready to jump as far as I did. I landed really hard and almost crashed into the goal, I was happy just to manage to hold on to my handlebar when I crossed the finish line. Then I heard the speaker said that I got down in 1:28:23 and that I had won!
I was really pleased with my run and I don’t think I could have performed any better than that. I was also told I had beaten the old track record by 3 seconds. With this win I climbed the overall in the Scandinavian cup so much that I landed on a second place, which surprised me. I have only raced three out of five competitions in the cup so I didn’t think I would get such a good overall placement. I was buzzing, this was the best way to end this race season on the downhill bike.

The next and last race for this season is the Nationals in Enduro and it is in Falun next weekend.

Scandinavian Cup – Åre

I started to travel up to Åre after work on Thursday and decided to take a quick stop by Järvsö to do some endurance training on my enduro bike. Later on I stopped by the road to get some sleep and arrived to Åre on Friday morning. It was typical Åre weather with lots of clouds and a thick smog. I had time to do one run before Robin got a hold of me and it was time do to a track preview for SweCycling. Here is the result:

I had not quite learned the track in just one run, so I was a bit lost at some sections. Either way after the track preview I did some more training runs in the competition track. I woke up on Saturday and decided to walk the track because I had some sections I needed to take an extra look on before it was time for the official training. The training went smooth all day even though the track was pretty slippery and muddy in overall. Just when the training ended it started to rain heavily, about 40mm over the night. I knew that Sunday was going to be a real mud race by then. On Sunday, I was one of the first to try out the track in the morning and damn it was another level of slipperiness. It was fun though, but it was really hard to go fast. When it was time for the seeding run I had one thing in mind and that was to get down as smooth and stable as possible due to the conditions. It was enough to come down in 3rd and it was a time of 4:18. A stable run but I felt kind of slow in some sections so I knew I could make up some time for the final run.

For my final run I chose the wrong strategy at the start and let myself get too excited. I should have started the race run in a stable pace and then go for it if I had something left to give in the end. Instead I made the opposite of that. I made some small mistakes in the beginning and I tried to make up time by pedal more but I only made everything more stressful. When I got down I was not happy with my run at all, but I still kept my 3rd place and improved my run by one second. But I was not even close to getting the win.


After the competition I stayed in Åre for a two day camp with Swecycling. I got some really useful tips to improve my riding and some motivation to step up my game for next year! Here is a short clip from the camp:

Scandinavian Downhill Cup – Hafjell

This was one of the events this season that I was really looking forward to race. The track is the best one in Scandinavia I would say. We raced on the same track that the world championships were held in 2014 and the world cup in 2012 and 2013. We arrived on Friday morning and started walking the track right away. It was the same track as always but with a minor change in one of the woods. After that it was time for open practice but unfortunately there was something wrong with my brakes on the bike, which delayed my practice. It took a couple hours to fix the brakes but I managed to do a few runs in the end of the day before the lift closed.

On Saturday it was time for the official training and I did four runs before the sky opened up and it started to pour down. I did one run with my dry tires when the rain stopped, but I could not ride that fast so my only focus was basically just to get down. The rain continued throughout the whole night so when I woke up on Sunday morning I switched to mud tires. I did two pretty good runs and then looked at the weather forecast which showed a sunny morning and that it would continue like that all day. With that forecast I switched back to dry tires and I was ready for the seeding run. I had a decent run with one big mistake in one of the woods which got me in at 6th place with a time of 3:48:42, 6 seconds after the leader. I wasn’t pleased with a 6th place but I was ready to chase a better result in the final run.

I had a really good final run with one small mistake in the beginning. The track had dried up a lot since the seeding run and I felt that in the first turn. I had some really good grip and felt like I could really depend on my tires. I improved my time with 8 seconds and climbed up to a 2th place. I was really pleased with that, there were a lot of fast Scandinavian folks that raced this weekend. In overall it was a really good weekend with fun riding and a great result.


South Swedish Downhill Cup – Vallåsen

We arrived on Friday morning and it was open practice the whole day, the track we competed on the next day was “Maggan”. It was a pretty flat track with lots of tight turns so you had to pedal a lot out of the turns. I was unsure if I would use my enduro bike instead of the downhill bike, but after some timed runs with both bikes I decided to go with the downhill bike because I’m more used to it.

We had great weather all Friday and then we woke up to rain on Saturday, the track got really slippery at some sections with a thin layer of mud that was laying on top of a hard packed track. In this competition they have a different system than what I am used to. Instead of having a seeding run and a final run you have two competition runs but only the best run counts, so even if you crash in your second run you can fall back on your first run if it was a better one. Anyway I had a really good first run until I came to a tight switchback turn in the end and I drifted out of the track. I still got down in first place with a 6 seconds lead and a time of 1:53:06. For my second run I had a decent run where I backed off a bit in the turn where I crashed, I improved my time by two seconds and won the competition by 5 seconds. The Vallåsen crew did a great job hosting the event and managed to create a competition in a simple way that makes it easier for beginners to try out and get started racing.

Cheers for a good time! P.S thanks for podium coffee.


European Downhill Cup – Spicak

Same as last year I went to Spicak to race the European Downhill Cup. This year they had made some changes to make the track faster by adding some more jumps and drops, the most technical parts was still there though. On Friday’s training the tracks stayed fresh all day out and I felt like I had a good speed.  On Saturday the track started to get beaten up and in the end of the training it was really dusty and loose. In my qualification run I made it down with some mistakes in the tricky sections but in overall it was a pretty good run.  3:13 was my time and it was enough to get a 18th place. I was so happy that I finally made it into the European Super Final. I made my preparations for another day in the dust, but I woke up on Sunday to rain. I switched wheels to the mud tires and went out for a slippery training session. Most of the track was still good but the most technical parts were really slippery and hard to get through due to all the roots. I made some changes in my line choices and I was ready for the finals. In the end of the training session it had dried up a lot so I decided to switch back to dry tires and went for one run. I decided to go with the dry tires if it would not rain any more.  But the weather looked unstable and just one hour before my race run the sky opened up and it started to rain really bad. I switched back once again and went up for my final run.
In my final run I had a bad upper part with some slips that made me lose a lot of speed, I made up for that in the middle part where I felt really good and fast. In the lower part I landed a bit short on a drop that made my back rim bent a bit so it started to leak air from the tire. I almost crashed in the last woods section because I barely had any air in my back wheel. I fought myself into the goal area and got a time of 3:23 and ended up at 23th place. This is still my best result in the European cup so I am really happy with it, it was a bummer I got a puncture but that´s racing. I am steadily moving up in the results and I am really happy to fulfill one of my goals for this season.

For now I’m in Austria for some more time on the bike before we start to drive home to Sweden again, but there is still one more stop to do. I recently found on Facebook that Vallåsen is having a downhill competition this weekend for the South Swedish downhill Cup so that will be the last stop before heading home.


Superenduro/ Italian Enduro series – La Thuile

La Thuile was an amazing place to ride my enduro bike, we arrived on Friday night since the training was to start on Saturday according to the schedule. Apparently the tracks were open for training on Friday, which I wasn’t aware of, it was too bad I missed out on one day’s training. Well, I had really fun on Saturday’s training and I managed to do all stages one time and one extra run on the first stage. On Sunday it was race time and my main focus was to try to keep it smooth through all of the tracks. Stage one felt really good, I passed almost ten people on the way down though. Since this was my first enduro race abroad I had no rakning and therefor started way back in line. They start us riders with a 20 second interval and the track was almost eleven minutes long and it was really technical. On the second stage I had written in my notes from the day before that I could go much faster on the upper part of the track, obviously that did not work out because I got a flat at the end of the upper part. By then I knew the race was over in general but I decided to make the best of the situation and I still rode the last two stages as planned, focused but with a smile on my face 🙂
Here is the full result of the competition and some pictures from Linn Hollanti.
SS1: 34th 10:53
SS2: 324th 30:32 (puncture, would probably been 6:40 something)
SS3: 42th 10:16
SS4: 47th 10:17

My final result was 299th place but it would have been around 35th if I hadn´t had a puncture.


German Cup – Brandnertal

The race in Brandnertal turned out to be a mudrace this year as well. I had time to walk the track on Thursday night and it looked really good. On Fridays training I felt confident on the track and I had really fun all the way down. The track was really muddy but I felt like I knew where I could ride fast without taking too many risks. Saturday’s training was the opposite, the surface of the roots had been torn away and they were even more slippery. I struggled all day with riding the track, I crashed 4 times during training and one of them was really hard.  For the qualification run I had to take some painkillers to get through because my back hurt. During the quali-run I made one really big mistake, both of my feet slipped of my pedals just before a big drop so I did not have the speed to pull of the drop and had to take the chicken run around. This cost me about almost 10 seconds, otherwise the run was pretty good. I was surprised to see that I ended up 5th place with the time 3:25:3.


I woke up on raceday with a sore back and swollen wrist. The crash from the day before was really bad, but it wasn’t going to stop me from racing. I taped the wrist to stabilize it and I took some more painkillers for my back. This day the track was even more slippery, the recent days it had rained only in the morning so the mud stayed pretty thick but this day it rained the whole day through so it got thin and heavy rolled. I had 3 decent training runs in the morning, and I was ready for the final-run. Due to all the rain, the track got slower than before. For example, my finalrun was only 0.3 seconds faster than my quali-run, and as I mentioned earlier I did a very big mistake in my quali-run – thats how much slower Sundays track really was. Despite all of this I was pretty satisfied with my final-run and with my 5th placement.



After the weekend in Brandnertal we went to Portes Du Soleil for some training-days before the boys flew home. Instead I got accompanied by my girlfriend. We decided to take a few days for touristing in Toscana, Italy, and now we are on our way to Pila for some more training. This weekend it’s race time again, this time it’s the Super Enduro/ Italian Enduro series in La Thuile. It´s going to be really fun to try out an enduro race abroad.

EC Schladming & Crankworx Innsbruck

The first 4 weeks of the European trip Hampus and Adam is living with me in the bus and the first stop was the European downhill cup, Schladming.We arrived about five days before the competition so we had some extra days to practice on the track. Once the competition started on Friday I felt like I was riding fast and stable. Saturday came and I did some timed runs in the morning that felt good. My qualifying run felt like a good run and that put me in 40th position, just 1,5 second away from the top 30 (super final). Sunday came around and I was ready to pin it, by this time the track was really beaten up. There were more brake bumps and deeper ones so it was hard to keep the same pace as the days before. I thought I did a pretty strategic run but it was not good at all, I should have taken more risks because I got a worse time by 5 seconds. I got pushed back to 55th place. Not the result I was looking for, but at least it got me to think about my run and reflect a bit more than I usually do. I took my experience from this race and was looking forward to the next race.


Next stop on the tour was Innsbruck, this time in the Crankworx cup. This is a cup that only has four competitions but they are worldwide so the standard is really high. The track was newly made just for this occasion and it looked really good. It was an all-natural trail that was really dusty and had big roots on the top, high speed sections in the middle and some tight turns in the end.  I was really stoked and I had so much fun training on the track. Three days of training passed and the track got really beaten up but it was still really fun to ride, it was a proper downhill track in my opinion. Usually there is a seeding run and one final run but this competition only had one final run and nothing more. The final run was on Saturday and I was prepared since I had did some timed runs earlier in the training sessions so I knew what I could do. I had a decent run in overall but I had two big mistakes that cost me some time, I miscalculated how dusty it was at two sections and had to brake real hard. I finished with a time of 3:04 and ended up at 37th place, about 14 seconds behind the winner, the current World champion Danny Hart.  I could have moved up in the result if I hadn’t made those mistakes but at least I did a proper race run at this race, and it paid of more than riding strategic so I am happy with the weekend.


Now we are at Brandnertal, Austria to compete in the german downhill cup this weekend and the track is looking really good! This time I am racing with the number one plate, that means that I am the best ranked rider at this race so the pressure is on.