ESS – Vallåsen

This weekend was my first competition for this year. It was the first round of Sweden Enduro Series and was held in Vallåsen. The training started at 10:00 am at Saturday morning and ended at 16:00 pm, I used almost the whole training to practice the 6 different stages. I did 14 practice runs in total so almost 2 runs in every track.  The stages were really great and was very similar to a downhill track, so I really enjoyed it.


Saturday was raceday, as usual. The start set off at 9:30 am and I pedal my way up to the mountain top to reach stage 1. I had a bit struggle in the first two stages to really get in to ”race mode” but halfway through the stages I relaxed a bit more and rode better. I got through all the stages pretty clean without a crash or puncture. I only had some minor issues like bad shifting, bad braking points and some inferior  line choices. But you cant expect the first race of the season to be spotless, especially when my main focus is downhill and not enduro. I ended up at a 8th place with 110 participants in the elite class and about 200 riders in total. I had a really great weekend where I got to meet a lot of good friends that I haven’t seen in a while and rode some really great trails. Even though I would like to improve my result I am really happy with how the weekend went, now know what I have to improve to get better.

This was definitely the most fun enduro competition i have ridden!

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Camp/ New Sponsors

Hi there!
I came home from a Swecycling camp yesterday. It was an intense four day camp that was located in Vansbro. The camp started with a Windgate and Ramp-test. The Windgate test is a 30 second sprint test and the ramp test shows how good you can handle lactic acid. You start at a 100W in resistance and another 20W adds up for every minute, the goal is to last as long as you can. I did my best result ever and finished at 450W and a time of 17 minutes and 16 seconds.

The other days included a whole lot of wet bike riding. Two days with Enduro riding in the morning and Downhill on the evening and one day with only Downhill. The clothes and the bikes was full with mud at the end of everyday. Every training was tough and I left Vansbro with a sore body but also with a good feeling on the bike. Thanks Swecycling and Idrottsgruppen for a very good pre-season camp!

Two New Sponsors

With the season just around the corner I am happy to announce that I have two new sponsors for this year. The first one is my everyday work, Lumek I Sandviken .
The other one Is Adidas Sports Eyewear that is going to provide me with goggles and glasses. I am going to ride in the Adidas id2 and the Adidas Pinner goggles in Downhill and the Adidas Evileye Pro in Enduro.

Here´s two pics from the weekend!


Raceprogram 2016

I think It´s time for me to share my raceprogram for the upcoming season. I have been granted a longer vacation this summer. More exactly nine weeks, I´m going to spend them all down in Europe living in my van and ride my bike all day, every day!
I’m very grateful to Lumek for giving me this opportunity.

23-24 Apr   Sweden Enduro Series   Vallåsen (SWE)
28-29 May  European Downhill Cup  Willingen (GER)
10-12 Jun   Swiss Downhill Cup        Morgins (SUI)
17-19 Jun   European Downhill Cup   Schladming (AUT)
24-26 Jun   German Downhill Cup     Brandnertal (AUT)
01-03 Jul    European Downhill Cup   Spicak (CZE)
22-24 Jul    European Downhill Cup   Les 2 Alpes (FRA)
6-7 Aug     Norwegian Downhill Cup  Destination not decided (NOR)
13-14 Aug  Norwegian Downhill Cup  Destination not decided (NOR)
20-21 Aug  National Championships   Umeå (SWE)
26-27 Aug  Sweden Enduro Series    Gesunda (SWE)

This is going to be a great summer !
Here is a picture from the other day for exchange!

Offseason part 2

The season is getting closer and the preparations for the upcoming season is going well. Due to the weather jumping back and forth from being cold and snowy to warm and wet there have been hard to schedule as much outdoor training as I wanted. So it has been a lot of hours spent on the indoor bike and at the gym with a lot of focus on balance.
I have spent some time on my new Specialized Enduro 29″ bike and i’m really pleased with it. I thought I would be uncomfortable with bigger wheels but i’m actually enjoying it a lot! I’ve managed to squeeze in a few rides in the woods just before the snow came. Here is a clip from Högbos trails!

Here is an example how you can look after a 40 km ride in a snowy late december!



The schedule for the upcoming season is almost complete, there is a few dates missing and not everything is set, but if things go as I want then I will be spending more time in Europe this summer than previous years. I will do an update as soon as everything is set!