2019 Recap

If you all remember I may have written something in my last post saying that I would start doing shorter posts well, here comes a long one anyways, about my 2019 season.

To start things off I decided to take a little step back for 2019 and just enjoy being on the bike. The reason for this is partly the fact that building my own camper van took a bit more time than I expected. And also my motivation to put in all those grinding at the gym hours just wasn’t there. I decided to go easier on this season.

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Camping views, redo för race imorgon 🚵‍♂️

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The races

I decided to go on a Euro trip as any other year, only this time a much shorter one. I also did a bit of racing in Sweden especially the Enduro Sweden Series and I managed to end up doing these races during the year:

ESS – Göteborg                                             13th           
ESS – Sölvesborg                                          16th
Crankworx – Innsbruck, Austria                    53th
European DH Cup – Abetone, Italy               25th
Åre pumptrack challenge                               1st
Nationals DH – Hafjell                                   2nd
Nationals EN – Gesunda                               7th
Redbull Pumptrack qualifier – Järvsö           7th
ESS – Hallandsåsen                                      5th
ESS – Falun                                                   8th

10th in the ESS overall with two missed races

I have had a good time racing and with focus on just enjoying it and not having to much pressure on myself. Although it has been hard mentally seeing where you need to improve and knowing that I could place better if I just trained more. One thing that I was a bit bummed about was crashing in my Final run at Nationals in Hafjell. It was a wet race and I had a good run going until I unfortunately crashed in a grass turn and I came second by 1.1 seconds.  

Destination unkown

In early May I started to get this feeling of wanting to move to a new place. I decided to bring this up for discussion with my girlfriend Christine and after a while we both agreed on Järvsö as our new place. It has a better environment for downhill/enduro riding which is something that I have been wanting for quite some time. Our moving to Järvsö went almost to smooth, Christine could keep here employment due to the fact that the company has an office in Järvsö. For me it also worked out very good, getting an opportunity to start working more on my own company, HRC. Said and done, we found an apartment and three months later we moved.

Work Situation

As I mentioned moving to Järvsö gave me an oppurtunity to work more with my own company. Before moving I had been doing some consulting for this company called Huldr Bikes. It started with minor tasks for exampel testing the bike and providing the company with feedback regarding the bikes construction. When we moved I quit my industry job in Gävle which gave me more time to work for Huldr. I started to take on a bigger role going from only testing the bike to programming, creating drawings for different parts and also helping with manufacturing these parts. For now I work 50% for Huldr and combining that with an industry job here in Järvsö also 50%. You can follow Huldrs journey on http://www.huldrbikes.com/ or at their instagram. I have also done a few days as a stand in for the trainer at Vansbro cycling gymnasium and a few days guiding/coaching for Järvsö bike park.

What happens now?

Right now I keep on doing the hard work that needs to be done i the gym. My goal is to get the off-season that I need in order to be able the perform when season starts. My aim is to race a whole lot more during 2020. I will also be aiming to updated this site a bite more regularly than before.

Meanwhile you can enjoy the picture down below, midnight sun in Narvik. Picture by Christine (promised to give her cred for this).


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