European Cup, Abetone 1/7

This is a new venue for the cup and I was excited to see how the track was. We arrived Thursday afternoon and had some time to set up the pit and make the bikes race ready. The competition started with a trackwalk on Friday morning and a long training session after that. The track was long and started off with some technical sections that followed up by a long pedaling section into a bike park section. Then it got rough, technical and fast with challenging rock sections almost the whole way down.
I felt like I got up to speed pretty quick but in my third training run I crashed really hard. There was an inside line in the lower part of the track where you could jump off a rock. When we did the trackwalk it looked alright but now there was a hole just in front of the rock that created a sharp edge. I wasn’t aware of that so when I approached it I tried to stay low but instead I smashed the front wheel on the edge. My tire came off and the whole front wheel got blown into pieces. I flew straight out of the track and had the luck to land on some soft soil, in other words I was lucky that I could walk away with some minor bruises and a limp.
I rested by the bus for a while before heading up once more just to cruise my way down to look at some line choices. I woke up the next morning feeling sore, but I was still determined to do the race. I did three runs in the morning and then rested until it was time for the qualifications. I got down with an ok run but felt like I could do more. I just made it into the super final with a 29th place and a time of 05:09,2 about 16.6 seconds behind the leader. I felt like I had to do some time up for the final run. My plan was to make three more runs on Sunday morning but there were a lot of crashes that held up the track, so I only did two. I felt like I could at least better my time with a few seconds in order to get a time under 05:05. I got up to the top for my final run and did a 20 minutes proper warmup to get ready for a long race run. I had an alright run in overall but with some minor mistakes from which I lost some time. I improved my run and entered the finish line with a time of 05:08,5 about 18,4 seconds behind the leader that got me in to 22nd place. In the end I am glad that I made it through the weekend with a solid result. The only thing that bothered me was that I felt like I was way too far behind in time. I must continue racing these longer tracks so that I can perform like I want to on them.
Next up is Val Di Sole.



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