Catch-up July – December

To start things off I haven’t written here in a while.. I have come to a conclusion that I write to much content and therefor delaying the posts. We have about four months of catching up to do.

First off

World Cup, Val Di Sole 7/7

I came to Val Di Sole excited to ride a rough and dusty track but the “Valley of the sun” had some rain to share which got me off balance. The weekend ended with me crashing on Fridays training before the qualification in one of the steepest parts of the track and landed on my head. This one was a hard one for me, because it was the first competition I had to sit out because I felt like I had some concussion issues from the crash.


European Cup, Spicak 22/7

After Val Di Sole I had some “vacation” time with my girlfriend, we traveled through Italy and did a lot of hiking. Just what I needed to boost my batteries before this race.

Spicak was the first competition for me that I got in to a super final so I had some good memories and was excited to race. I felt confident right away on the track, it was basically the same as last year and it suited me well. After making five practice runs, I knew two places I could make up some time by jumping some bigger gaps. I was a bit nervous, but I made the first gap with no problems and felt confident going in to the second one. I miscalculated the length I had to jump and landed short and flew over my handlebar. (see pictures).
I landed on my left shoulder and snapped my collarbone.
That was the end of my downhill season 2018 unfortunately.
I felt bad that I did not get the chance to defend my national title but to be fair this was my first time braking any bone and I have been racing downhill since 2007.
I still ended up 34th in the overall European Cup rankings.



After about eight weeks with rehab and road cycling, I went to Järvsö to ride downhill once again. It felt good and I was happy that I could ride with only some minor difficulties.
Once in Järvsö I made the decision that I would race the nationals in enduro two weeks away. At this time, I also sold my racevan that I have been travelling with for more than five years and instead I bought a smaller one that I’m going to build for my upcoming journeys.


Enduro National race, Gesunda 16/9

This was my first race after the injury and it felt good to be back at the race scene again even if I wasn’t 100 % healed yet. The weather was great the whole weekend and the special stages were really fun. I had a blast riding and enjoyed being on my bike again. The result wasn’t the best, but the pressure was off and I had one goal with this weekend and that was having fun. I ended up in 12th place in the elite category.

After the season ended I decided to make some changes in my daily routine and quit my job at Lumek.
I worked three weeks for my own firm in Kungsberget shaping downhill tracks and really enjoyed being outside working on something I love. After that I started to work full time for Skoogs Mekaniska in Gävle.
In between fighting with some colds I am building the bus, training for the next season and trying to make a schedule for the upcoming races.




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