Crankworx, Les Gets 23/6

This weekend I raced Crankworx in Les Gets, wich is a Competition of its own, just like the World Cup or European Cup. When racing Crankworx you only do one race, there is no qualification run so to speak. The competition started on Wednesday with trackwalk and it looked all times. You can describe the track by one word and that is “fast”, the track was basically a one-line track with off camber turns on the grass and many brake bumps. The training started on Thursday and it was dusty and loose, it was hard at sometimes for me to adapt to the track, but I still had a good time. On Fridays training the brake bumps got bigger but I made some changes on the bike that made me feel more comfortable on the track. I also managed to do some timed runs and felt like I could do a good result compared to last years competition. Saturday arrived and we had a short training session in the morning before the race. I felt good and was ready to do a good run. When I started my race run I got surprised how dusty and slippery the track was compared to the morning session. After 30 seconds in to the run someone had ridden out a big stone in the middle of the track and I had no time to save the situation. My front wheel got washed out and I fell. I knew my race run was over by then. I cruised my way down to the finish line a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to do a proper race run, but that´s racing. You win some and lose some.

Unfortunately I don´t have any photos from this weekend.


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