World Cup, Leogang 9/6

The first race of the European trip was the World Cup in Leogang, Austria. Leogang is known for being a “bikeparky” track which means there are mostly jumps and handmade berms. This year they made some changes though and made the track more natural, and it got so much better in my opinion. This competition I had the opportunity to represent the Swedish National team.

We stayed in Hinterglemm on the other side of the mountain of Leogang. The competition started on Thursday with trackwalk and the first training session was on Friday. It felt good on the training and I was enjoying the track a lot. I felt confident in the end of the day and felt ready for the qualification run. As I mentioned earlier there is only the top 60 that qualifies for the final run, and with a stacked field it makes it really hard to achieve a place in the finals. We had a short training session on Saturday morning then it was time for the Qualification run. I started the run with a big drift in the first corner and almost crashed. I tried to calm myself, but I had some more mistakes along the way down. When I got in to the finish area I knew that my run wouldn’t be enough to reach the finals. I reached the finish line about 23 seconds after the fastest time, not by any means where I want to be. I ended up in 123th place in overall.  My next World Cup competition will be Val Di Sole, 7th of July. Hopefully I will put down a solid run and make it something I’m satisfied with, I’m really looking forward to it!


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