European Cup, Kranjska Gora 17/6

This past weekend, it was the second stop of the European downhill cup that went down in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia. We arrived on Wednesday night and rested on Thursday, so we would have some time to do an overall check on the bikes. We also took some time to do a trackwalk.  I raced here last year, and the track looked basically the same, it was only some minor changes so when the training started I got up to speed quick and felt comfortable. The track was a mix of sections with lots of roots and high speed sections, and I liked it a lot. On Saturday we had a shorter training session then it was time for qualification. I felt eager to once again make it into the “super final” aka top 30 final, like I did last year in Spicak. I got a good run going and went hard on the pedals just to be sure to make it into the super final. I crossed the finish line with a time of 2:31.4 and ended up in a 15th place, 4.4 seconds after the winner. I felt good and I had some parts I knew I could improve. I did some reflecting on my run and decided to look over some line changes for Sundays training. On Sunday I got to try out my new line choices and I decided to go with them. When it was time for the final run I felt confident and eager to do a good race run.


In overall I had a good run but I felt like I used my brakes too hard at some of the technical parts. I improved my run with 1.6 seconds but still got pushed back to 17th place, this time only 4.5 seconds behind the winner time. There was some tight racing so every tenth of a second counted, we were about five guys within the same second. This is my best result in an European cup so far, for that I am really satisfied, but you always want more when the times are so close.

Next up is Crankworx bike festival in Les Gets, I will be racing the downhill race on Saturday, I’m looking forward to it.


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