Sweden Enduro Series – Vallåsen

The second stop at the Sweden Enduro Series this year but the first Enduro race for me. I was excited to try out my new enduro bike on some proper tracks. With the Easter being this weekend, the training was on Thursday and the competition was on Friday. I had a really good time on the tracks. I had tuned in a good setup om my suspension and the bike worked like a dream.  It felt like a had a good overall speed going and I had so much fun I nearly forgot that I was training for a race. When Friday arrived I felt stoked and eager to race. There were 6 special stages that was around 2 minutes each. I rode good all day except one mistake on the third stage where I rode into a tree and got stuck for a few seconds. Unfortunately, that cost me a podium place. I was two seconds away from being third and four seconds away from being second. In overall, I had a great weekend and the thing I take with me is that I had a good overall speed going.



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