Losinj World Cup

It’s been a while since I updated the site. I did the World cup in Losinj about a month ago now.
So I’m just going to pick up from the days after the race in Maribor.
We had some days off after Maribor where we visited Ljubljana and then we continued by car down to Losinj, Croatia.
It was a beautiful resort, and not the first place that come in mind when you think of downhill. It´s a big island in the Adriatic Sea. We arrived on Wednesday night and had some time to check out the village. It felt more like you were on vacation than a competition with a venue this beautiful.

View from the Losinj WC start


On Thursday we did the track walk and the track was basically a 2-minute-long rock garden with pointy rocks everywhere.
in the first half of the training session it was hard for me to find any flow in the track, but I made some adjustments on the bike later on and found some flow in the track.
They have made some changes for the world cup competitions, usually top 80 qualifies for the finals but now instead only top 60 will be able to race in the finals. With that Said and only 120 people on the start line for the qualifications, it’s a pretty high standard
For the qualification run I focused on having a smooth run down but instead I got stressed and started making small mistakes and was not riding the way I wanted at all. At last I smashed my bash guard at a rock in the lower section of the track, it left the bike unable to pedal so I just cruised down the last part of the track to finish a disappointing 110th place. I still have some good lessons to take with me to the next world cup in Leogang that is 7th of July. I think I need some world cup races as practice to get a good routine until I can perform where I want to be at.

Photo taken by: http://www.niklaswallnerphoto.com/


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