First European Cup, Maribor

This past weekend it was time for the first European Cup in Maribor, Slovenia. My body still hurt from the crash in Lousã but that´s racing, sometimes you need to push past the pain. The foot held me back at some of the bigger features because it hurts from bigger impacts. The track in general is one of the most fun tracks I have raced. It starts with some fast-technical parts, a big rock section in the middle and ends with some flowy parts in the woods. The training went well, I felt confident and started to feel more comfortable on the bike. I have not received my new bike, so I am still racing on the borrowed bike from Järvsö Bergcykel Shop.

Looking good in the fishing hat?

On my qualifying run I felt like I had a good pace, but I had to many small mistakes, I struggled with keeping the bike in check when I braked hard. I got down in 68th place with a time of 03:55, I missed the big final by almost 10 seconds. This race had a higher standard than it usually is on a European Cup. With the World Cup being nearby the next weekend a few world cup teams competed here in Maribor as a “warm up” for next weekend.
When I looked at the qualifying results I figured I had to do some changes for the final run. I tried a new setup on the bike to make it more stable and I also thought about making a few line changes for the final run.
On Sundays training I tried out my new lines and decided to keep the changes for my final run.
I strapped my foot once again and was ready to race. I got a good run going but halfway down I hit my brake disc on one of the stones in the rock section. It got bent and slowed me down a bit as it was slapping my brake pads the rest of the run. I made it all the way down and improved my time to 03:47 and ended up in 59th place in total. If it weren’t for my crooked brake disc I was satisfied with my run. I still have some things to improve but I am happy to get some time on a downhill bike and now I will recharge my batteries for a few days before I go racing the World Cup in Losinj, Croatia next weekend.

ixs 1.1-08962
Photo by: Jan Galic



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