European Championships, Lousã

The first race of the season is almost here!
I have done two days of practice here at the European Championships in Lousã, Portugal. It feels really good although I am not riding on my own bike, this year I am riding on a borrowed bike. The freight on my Santa Cruz V10 got delayed so i had to improvise a bit before we flew down to Portugal.
Järvsö Bergcykel Park solved that problem and borrowed me a bike for the race. For that I am really grateful! The track is so much fun to ride and today the sky opened up and it started to rain. My smile just brightens up when there´s time for a mud race, I did two runs in the rain today and I was grinning the whole way down.

Tomorrow it´s time for the qualifications and my run starts at 15:50 (GMT+2).
Hopefully I will have a decent run to see where I´m at in the results and then I can see what I have to change to improve my run for Sundays Finals.
I will do my race run on Sunday around 16:30 (GMT+2).

If you want to follow me on both my qualification run and Final run there will be Live timing on this site:

Hopefully there will be live video on Sunday on this site:

I am so stoked that the race season has begun, let the good times roll!!


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