News and Scheme for 2018.

With the season approaching just around the corner it´s time for me to reveal my preliminary 2018 scheme and some news regarding sponsors.
First I want to thank Specialized Nordics for the past two seasons for their support. With their bike I won the national championship in 2016 and performed my best placing at an European cup (23st) in 2017.

In 2018 I will proudly compete on Santa Cruz Bicycles. I will use the Hightower LT on the enduro races and the V10 for downhill.
So far, I have received the enduro bike, but I am eagerly waiting on the downhill bike.
Two other sponsors that is joining me for the upcoming season is Sitab and Midroc. Sitab is a local company that work with industrial solutions and they will support me financially. Midroc is an electrician company and they will also support me financially.
I also have three more sponsors in progress, hopefully I will update you soon.


Unfortunately, Macon and Gävle Alltransport is not going to support me for 2018. I am thankful for the long time support that Macon has given me all the way back to 2007, when I started my racing career. It has meant a big deal and they have helped me a lot through the years. I also want to thank Gävle Alltransport for their support the past two years.

The upcoming season my main focus will be on getting a total result in the European cup. I will be riding a few world cups and Scandinavian cups also and of course try to defend my National title.

Here´s the preliminary scheme.

Date City Country Cup
8th April Lousa Portugal European Championship
15th April Maribor Slovenia iXS European Cup
21st April Losinj Croatia World Cup
13th May Vallåsen Sweden Enduro Sweden Series
9th June Leogang Austria World Cup
24th June Les Gets France Crankworx
1st July Abetone Italy iXS European Cup
7th July Val Di Sole Italy World Cup
22nd July Spicak Czech Republic iXS European Cup
29th July Gesunda Sweden Scandinavian Cup
5th August Falun Sweden Enduro Sweden Series
12th August Åre Sweden Scandinavian Cup
2nd September Brandnertal Austria iXS European Cup
9th September Lenzerheide Switzerland World Championships
16th September Gesunda Sweden Enduro Sweden Series


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