Scandinavian Cup – Gesunda

Gesunda was my last scheduled downhill race for this season, it feels like the season has gone by way too fast! I have had a blast throughout the whole season and I was really eager to make a good result here. With this race being so close to home and since I already know the track pretty well I decided to drove up to Gesunda early on Saturday morning. I got there and started to walk the track to see if there was some big changes compared to earlier years, but it was pretty much the same. They had banded the track a lot wider than before though so there was some new line choices at some sections. The track is pretty short but it´s quite intense with a high average speed and a lot of pointy rocks that you can´t really notice until you hit them. Anyway, the training went good but I felt like I needed to look a bit closer on my line choices at some sections so I decided to walk the track once again after the training was done.
I had a few parts on the track in mind that I wanted to take a further look into and in one section I found one completely new line that I decided to try out on Sunday.

With this competition only being two hours away from my home I got some family members to support me on Sunday and I felt really motivated to do my best. Gesunda has always been a good place for me if you look at the results. This was the place where I took my very first win in a downhill competition back in 2011 when I was racing the Junior class, the day before that I also won the nationals in fourcross here. In 2012 I got 4th place in the Downhill Nationals as a first year elite, only one second away from the podium. So this place only brings good memories for me.

I tried out my new line choice early on Sundays training and it felt really good, I had all the other sections dialed and I was ready to go after it. In my seeding run I had a stable and smooth run with no major mistake and I qualified as 1st with a time of 1:31:75!

Final run, I was last man down and I was really excited, but this time in a good and relaxed way. I got through the first section really good and had a general good feeling. The bottom part was really good too, I kept my nerves in check almost all the way down. When I got to the finish jump I pedaled way more into it than I did in the training. I was prepared to fly longer than before but I was not ready to jump as far as I did. I landed really hard and almost crashed into the goal, I was happy just to manage to hold on to my handlebar when I crossed the finish line. Then I heard the speaker said that I got down in 1:28:23 and that I had won!
I was really pleased with my run and I don’t think I could have performed any better than that. I was also told I had beaten the old track record by 3 seconds. With this win I climbed the overall in the Scandinavian cup so much that I landed on a second place, which surprised me. I have only raced three out of five competitions in the cup so I didn’t think I would get such a good overall placement. I was buzzing, this was the best way to end this race season on the downhill bike.

The next and last race for this season is the Nationals in Enduro and it is in Falun next weekend.


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