Scandinavian Cup – Åre

I started to travel up to Åre after work on Thursday and decided to take a quick stop by Järvsö to do some endurance training on my enduro bike. Later on I stopped by the road to get some sleep and arrived to Åre on Friday morning. It was typical Åre weather with lots of clouds and a thick smog. I had time to do one run before Robin got a hold of me and it was time do to a track preview for SweCycling. Here is the result:

I had not quite learned the track in just one run, so I was a bit lost at some sections. Either way after the track preview I did some more training runs in the competition track. I woke up on Saturday and decided to walk the track because I had some sections I needed to take an extra look on before it was time for the official training. The training went smooth all day even though the track was pretty slippery and muddy in overall. Just when the training ended it started to rain heavily, about 40mm over the night. I knew that Sunday was going to be a real mud race by then. On Sunday, I was one of the first to try out the track in the morning and damn it was another level of slipperiness. It was fun though, but it was really hard to go fast. When it was time for the seeding run I had one thing in mind and that was to get down as smooth and stable as possible due to the conditions. It was enough to come down in 3rd and it was a time of 4:18. A stable run but I felt kind of slow in some sections so I knew I could make up some time for the final run.

For my final run I chose the wrong strategy at the start and let myself get too excited. I should have started the race run in a stable pace and then go for it if I had something left to give in the end. Instead I made the opposite of that. I made some small mistakes in the beginning and I tried to make up time by pedal more but I only made everything more stressful. When I got down I was not happy with my run at all, but I still kept my 3rd place and improved my run by one second. But I was not even close to getting the win.


After the competition I stayed in Åre for a two day camp with Swecycling. I got some really useful tips to improve my riding and some motivation to step up my game for next year! Here is a short clip from the camp:


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