South Swedish Downhill Cup – Vallåsen

We arrived on Friday morning and it was open practice the whole day, the track we competed on the next day was “Maggan”. It was a pretty flat track with lots of tight turns so you had to pedal a lot out of the turns. I was unsure if I would use my enduro bike instead of the downhill bike, but after some timed runs with both bikes I decided to go with the downhill bike because I’m more used to it.

We had great weather all Friday and then we woke up to rain on Saturday, the track got really slippery at some sections with a thin layer of mud that was laying on top of a hard packed track. In this competition they have a different system than what I am used to. Instead of having a seeding run and a final run you have two competition runs but only the best run counts, so even if you crash in your second run you can fall back on your first run if it was a better one. Anyway I had a really good first run until I came to a tight switchback turn in the end and I drifted out of the track. I still got down in first place with a 6 seconds lead and a time of 1:53:06. For my second run I had a decent run where I backed off a bit in the turn where I crashed, I improved my time by two seconds and won the competition by 5 seconds. The Vallåsen crew did a great job hosting the event and managed to create a competition in a simple way that makes it easier for beginners to try out and get started racing.

Cheers for a good time! P.S thanks for podium coffee.



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