Scandinavian Downhill Cup – Hafjell

This was one of the events this season that I was really looking forward to race. The track is the best one in Scandinavia I would say. We raced on the same track that the world championships were held in 2014 and the world cup in 2012 and 2013. We arrived on Friday morning and started walking the track right away. It was the same track as always but with a minor change in one of the woods. After that it was time for open practice but unfortunately there was something wrong with my brakes on the bike, which delayed my practice. It took a couple hours to fix the brakes but I managed to do a few runs in the end of the day before the lift closed.

On Saturday it was time for the official training and I did four runs before the sky opened up and it started to pour down. I did one run with my dry tires when the rain stopped, but I could not ride that fast so my only focus was basically just to get down. The rain continued throughout the whole night so when I woke up on Sunday morning I switched to mud tires. I did two pretty good runs and then looked at the weather forecast which showed a sunny morning and that it would continue like that all day. With that forecast I switched back to dry tires and I was ready for the seeding run. I had a decent run with one big mistake in one of the woods which got me in at 6th place with a time of 3:48:42, 6 seconds after the leader. I wasn’t pleased with a 6th place but I was ready to chase a better result in the final run.

I had a really good final run with one small mistake in the beginning. The track had dried up a lot since the seeding run and I felt that in the first turn. I had some really good grip and felt like I could really depend on my tires. I improved my time with 8 seconds and climbed up to a 2th place. I was really pleased with that, there were a lot of fast Scandinavian folks that raced this weekend. In overall it was a really good weekend with fun riding and a great result.



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