European Downhill Cup – Spicak

Same as last year I went to Spicak to race the European Downhill Cup. This year they had made some changes to make the track faster by adding some more jumps and drops, the most technical parts was still there though. On Friday’s training the tracks stayed fresh all day out and I felt like I had a good speed.  On Saturday the track started to get beaten up and in the end of the training it was really dusty and loose. In my qualification run I made it down with some mistakes in the tricky sections but in overall it was a pretty good run.  3:13 was my time and it was enough to get a 18th place. I was so happy that I finally made it into the European Super Final. I made my preparations for another day in the dust, but I woke up on Sunday to rain. I switched wheels to the mud tires and went out for a slippery training session. Most of the track was still good but the most technical parts were really slippery and hard to get through due to all the roots. I made some changes in my line choices and I was ready for the finals. In the end of the training session it had dried up a lot so I decided to switch back to dry tires and went for one run. I decided to go with the dry tires if it would not rain any more.  But the weather looked unstable and just one hour before my race run the sky opened up and it started to rain really bad. I switched back once again and went up for my final run.
In my final run I had a bad upper part with some slips that made me lose a lot of speed, I made up for that in the middle part where I felt really good and fast. In the lower part I landed a bit short on a drop that made my back rim bent a bit so it started to leak air from the tire. I almost crashed in the last woods section because I barely had any air in my back wheel. I fought myself into the goal area and got a time of 3:23 and ended up at 23th place. This is still my best result in the European cup so I am really happy with it, it was a bummer I got a puncture but that´s racing. I am steadily moving up in the results and I am really happy to fulfill one of my goals for this season.

For now I’m in Austria for some more time on the bike before we start to drive home to Sweden again, but there is still one more stop to do. I recently found on Facebook that Vallåsen is having a downhill competition this weekend for the South Swedish downhill Cup so that will be the last stop before heading home.



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