German Cup – Brandnertal

The race in Brandnertal turned out to be a mudrace this year as well. I had time to walk the track on Thursday night and it looked really good. On Fridays training I felt confident on the track and I had really fun all the way down. The track was really muddy but I felt like I knew where I could ride fast without taking too many risks. Saturday’s training was the opposite, the surface of the roots had been torn away and they were even more slippery. I struggled all day with riding the track, I crashed 4 times during training and one of them was really hard.  For the qualification run I had to take some painkillers to get through because my back hurt. During the quali-run I made one really big mistake, both of my feet slipped of my pedals just before a big drop so I did not have the speed to pull of the drop and had to take the chicken run around. This cost me about almost 10 seconds, otherwise the run was pretty good. I was surprised to see that I ended up 5th place with the time 3:25:3.


I woke up on raceday with a sore back and swollen wrist. The crash from the day before was really bad, but it wasn’t going to stop me from racing. I taped the wrist to stabilize it and I took some more painkillers for my back. This day the track was even more slippery, the recent days it had rained only in the morning so the mud stayed pretty thick but this day it rained the whole day through so it got thin and heavy rolled. I had 3 decent training runs in the morning, and I was ready for the final-run. Due to all the rain, the track got slower than before. For example, my finalrun was only 0.3 seconds faster than my quali-run, and as I mentioned earlier I did a very big mistake in my quali-run – thats how much slower Sundays track really was. Despite all of this I was pretty satisfied with my final-run and with my 5th placement.



After the weekend in Brandnertal we went to Portes Du Soleil for some training-days before the boys flew home. Instead I got accompanied by my girlfriend. We decided to take a few days for touristing in Toscana, Italy, and now we are on our way to Pila for some more training. This weekend it’s race time again, this time it’s the Super Enduro/ Italian Enduro series in La Thuile. It´s going to be really fun to try out an enduro race abroad.


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