Malaga training camp

I just got back from a two week training camp in Malaga together with Idrottsgruppen Dalarna and Cykelgymnasiet Vansbro. We  have been riding our downhill bikes and dirt jump bikes for two weeks straight. The usual scheme we followed was downhill in the morning and dirt jumping in the afternoon, but we also had three full days with only downhill. Those days we visited El Chorro, La Zubia and Motril. I’ve been feeling really comfortable on the bike and have been delivering good and stable timed runs. It has been a really good trip with lots of hours on the bike, It has been the perfect way to start this season. On this trip I also had the opportunity to try out Vibex vibration damping systems. It is a thick fluid that you put in both ends of your handlebar to reduce all the small vibrations you get when you ride. With this product my arms have been feeling a lot fresher than recent years during similar trips. In other words my arm pump have been reduced.

Now I am going to stay home for one more day before I go to Vallåsen for a four day training camp with SweCycling.  The weekend after that it’s time for the first competition this year, Vallåsen Enduro.

The 5-7 May I have another competition that has been added to my race season. I have been choosen to ride for the Swedish National Team in Kranjska Gora. I am really excited to see what this season has in store, I am so grateful for all these places my bike takes me to!

Here comes a gallery with pictures from the Malaga trip, Enjoy!



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