Season Summary

The season is now officially over and it´s time to start working on a new schedule for next year. It’s leaning towards a similar trip compared to this year, but hopefully a bit more competing at home. This season has been great and a really good timeIt is something I can dream back to now during november month, the darkest month of the year. Looking back to some of the moments from the trip just gives me inspiration to put in the hard work for the season to come. Hopefully it´s going to be just as good as this year. Here is the summary of all the results from this summer:


10th  Sweden Enduro Series                   Vallåsen (SWE)
59th  European Downhill Cup                Willingen (GER)
21th  Swiss Downhill Cup                        Morgins (SUI)
48th  European Downhill Cup                Schladming (AUT)
51th  German Downhill Cup                    Brandnertal (AUT)
55th  European Downhill Cup                 Spicak (CZE)
38th  European Downhill Cup                Les 2 Alpes (FRA)
1st    National Championships      Umeå (SWE)
70th  World Championships                   Val Di Sole (ITA)


Once again I would like to thank all my sponsors that made this season possible, I am really grateful to have such a group of companies that believe in me.
Thanks  |  Macon  |  Gson´s Motor  |  PPCykel  |  Adidas Sport Eyewear |  Gävle Alltransport |  Lumek  |  Knobby  |  Ljusmontage  |

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