Swedish Nationals & Great News

This weekend it was time for the yearly National race, which was held in Bygdsiljum Bike park. I arrived at the scene on Friday morning and started with walking the track and preparing my bike before practice started. It was a long training session so I had plenty of time riding every section of the track. The track was newly built just for this occasion and it was a typical ”Swedish” track. Pretty flat, rocky, rooty, partly technical and around 1:30 in riding time. Both Friday and Saturday had long training sessions and pretty wet conditions that made the track hard to ride. I struggled a bit on Saturday with getting a stable full run because it was all slippery, at least I figured out some new line choices. When Saturday finally arrived I woke up with that race day nervosity. I was really focused all day out, I did two runs in the morning. The last one was a full run that I was pleased with, you can watch it down here.

The qualification run went good with only some minor mistakes and I qualified as 1st at 1:45:06 with a 3.79 seconds gap to the second place. I got a real confidence boost and was eager to do my final run.
The qualification run determined where you started in the final run and in my case I started last. It was strictly full focus when I got up to the start, memorizing the track and doing a proper warmup for the final run. At least I was alone at the start gate and sprinted as hard as I could. I felt like I had a sloppier and a bit messier run compared to the qualification run but I still managed to cut 2.77 seconds. I finished as 1st again, this time with a bigger lead at 4.12 seconds. I was so stoked and happy to pull this one off. It has been a longtime goal for me to stand on the podium at the Nationals and to finally do it and also to be standing on top of it, it´s just the best feeling.

For all you swedish readers here is a article about the race from Norran.se

Other really really great news is that I am going to be representing  the Swedish National team once again. This time in the World Championships that is located in Val Di Sole, 11 September. I am really excited about this race!!

Next up is the Gesunda Enduro this weekend and it´s time to drag out the 29er to race once again!



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