European cup Les 2 Alpes

This competition is a real challenge for me, because it’s not a track that I’m used to. The track is very different compared to home. There is only few line choices, it kind of just balls out on a single track that in the end of a race weekend tends to get really beaten up.
Every track has different characteristics and normally I’m more used to roots and stones but this track is mainly a dirt path.
Thursday night ended with one of the biggest thunderstorms I’ve ever witnessed and the rain poured down really hard. Friday started with a slippery trackwalk and continued with a rainy training session that ended four hours too early because of more thunderstorms.
I only got to do one run on Fridays practice so I was one of the first guys to ride the track on Saturdays training. The track was a lot drier then, but it was still really slippery on some parts.

This race I was ranked as 31th and I felt like this was the time for me to enter the big final (top 30). I managed to get a decent run but I was not really prepared on the massive arm pump you get from the big brake bumps in the track. I missed the big final by almost 3 seconds with the time 4:19 and finished as 37th.
I was a bit bummed about missing the big final, I decided to let it go for the moment and to put all my focus on Saturdays final instead.
15 minutes before I was supposed to go up with the lift on the finals, my front brake decided to give up and I got really stressed out and had to change the front brake. I rushed up with the lift and got to the start in time. I had a decent run, I felt like I was pushing it but I rode some of the turns really bad so I did not expect to get a good time.
I still improved my time by 8 seconds and finished as 38th (7th in small final). It is my best result so far in a European cup so I am still very happy with my result even though I didn´t make it to the big final. It’s still fun to see progress with my riding and it makes me eager to see how far I can get.

After the competition we took a few days of riding in Pila, La Thuile and Lac Blanc before we went home to Sweden again.
This has definitely been a good Eurotrip, I’ve met a whole lot of new friends and had some really good days riding my bike. Hopefully I will do a similar trip next year.
Since I have stored a lot of images and videos from this trip, there will be one more post when I have time to go through them.
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