Brandnertal German cup & Spicak European cup.

German Cup – Brandnertal

We arrived on wednesday night and decided to take a day off on thursday. Mostly because we had som work to do with the bikes but I was also starting to get a cold.
Friday it was the same setup as recent competitions, trackwalk followed by a long training session.
This track is 2/3 full of roots and the other 1/3 is a bunch of jumps. The rooty woods stayed wet and slippery the whole weekend and it was hard to stay on the bike.
On Saturdays training session Adam unfortanuly crashed and landed on his head in one of the steepest sections so he had to go visit the hospital.
He did get a crack in his neck and that was the end of his euro trip. I stayed at the competition and did a decent qualifying run and finished as 31th with the time 3:16. I felt I had more to give though.
After the qualifications the sky opened up and it started to pour down for a couple of hours. The track changed a lot for the finals on Sunday and all the roots became a real issue.
Unfortunatly I crashed in the first wood section during my final run, I hit a root with my front wheel and the next thing I knew I was lying on my back. I knew my run was over by then so I just cruised my way down to a 51th place.
Not the best weekend for me, but at least an experience richer.

European Cup – Spicak

Spicak is a track that I actually raced on a few years ago. It looks pretty similar to a swedish downhill track, pretty flat and lots of stones. We arrived on wednesday night and rode the bike park on thursday. Friday it was trackwalk and a long training session afterwards.
My main goal for this competition is to qualify for the big final (top 30). During the qualification run I tried to push hard to get in to the big final but instead I got stressed up and rode some parts of the track really bad. Just before my race it started to rain as well, some parts got wet meanwhile some were still dry which made it really hard to go fast.
I came in as 47th at 3:20.
For the final I changed tactic and tried to take it a bit easier and find the flow of the track instead of pedaling hard and stressing everything up.
It paid off and I improved my time with 4 seconds and ended up 55th place in total (25th in small final).

After Spicak we had two weekends off from competing, instead we took it a bit easier during these two weeks and rode our bikes just for fun.
We got some footage that I posted on both Facebook and Instagram.


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