European Cup – Schladming

This weekend it was time for the awaited race in Schladming, It´s always fun to race here. As I mentioned in the recent post I was a part of the Swedish national team this weekend and it has been really fun times with the crew. The schedule was the same as every European cup, track walk and a long training session on Friday.

The training on Saturday started with a slippery track. The mud tires came to use and it was really fun skidding through the corners. My qualification run started in 16:44 and the track had dried up a lot by then, but just before my run it started to rain a little. I had a decent run and finished 72th in 4:38. About 15 minutes after my run it started to pour down so I was really lucky.

Sunday also started with a wet and slippery track. By then the track had really taken some damage and big brake bumps and roots made the track a whole lot harder to ride. I decided to make some different line choices on the most technical parts of the track. Same as Saturday the track dried up a lot for my final run that was at 13:46. I made my way down with a few mistakes but nothing to big. I improved my run by 11 seconds and finished 17th in the small final. A result I am really pleased with. It felt good on the bike and I had really fun race run. After the small final was done it started to pour down once again and the track completely changed for the boys in the big final so I cant really compare my run with theirs. But in total my race run took me to a 21th place. If you would say all of the guys in the super final was faster than me I would have ended up in 48th place.

This was for sure one of the best racing weekends I’ve ever had. Big thanks to the Swedish cycling federation for a fun weekend and for the support you guys gave me, I really appreciate it. For all you Swedish readers out there here is a summary from Swecycling about the race:

Also thanks to Jesper ”Jeppman” Andersson for delivering top notch pictures!
Next weekend it is time to race in the German cup in Brandnertal, It is for sure going to be fun!


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