Morgins Swiss Cup & More

After Willingen we went to Winterberg for one day of riding and after that we continued to Schladming for one week of riding and to prepare for the upcoming European cup
It was fun riding in Schladming and we managed to get a lot of photos and GoPro clips both me and Hampus. From there we went to Zurich to ride their concrete pump track/bikepark, it was really fun and nice to get one day off the downhill bike.

Later that day we drove to Morgins to compete in the IXS Swiss cup. The training started on Friday and began with a trackwalk as usual. The track had really steep turns almost the whole way down except in the middle, it was a bit flat and had lots of roots all over the track.Later on we had a four hour practice session and the track was already falling apart after 2 hours. The turns started to get deep ruts in them and more roots were popping up in the forest.
Saturday it was time for the qualification run and it started with some training and meanwhile it rained a lot. The rain continued throughout the whole day. I was supposed to start my qualification run at 17:30 but there were a one hour delay due to the weather. The track had completely changed by then and it was mud and roots everywhere. I crashed in a berm and fell down in my run and got a time of 5:51 that took me to a 37th in place.

On Sunday it was time for Finals. The track was still beaten up from Saturdays rain and riding and it did not get better with another 3 hours of training in the morning. To clarify things a little bit, this was for sure the muddiest race iv’e ever done in my racing career.
I had a pretty good run and came down at 5:27 and a 21th time in total. It was hard work with 30cm deep mud at some places and the track was pretty long too so it was physically hard. My main goal was to at least get a top 20 result and I didn’t quite make it, but it was still a fun weekend riding my bike.

Next up is Zurich once again to do some pump track and pick up Adam Eriksson that is going to join us on our European trip for a month.
From there we are going back to Schladming to do the European Cup.This race is going to be pretty special for me because I will be racing as a part of the Swedish National racing team. I am really thankful to be a part of the team and i’m stoked to go racing in Schladming!


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