European Cup – Willingen

We arrived at Willingen on Thursday evening and and went for a ride with our enduro bikes first thing. It was nice to ride again after a long drive from Sweden. On Friday we inspected the course and after that some training. It was a pretty easy track if you compare to other European cups, in other words not that technical.  On Saturday it was training in the morning and qualifications in the afternoon. Between the training and the qualifications the sky opened up and it started to pouring down. I decided to go with a pair of mud tires and it was the right choice. I finished as 43th with a time of 2:30:55. I felt pretty good about it. It was my best placing in a European cup so far and i felt like i could go a bit faster on the technical parts of the track as well.

On Sunday it was the finals and it rained even more during the night so the track was really muddy in the morning. But it dried up a lot for my race run.
My race run went pretty well, I had a pretty stable run but with a few mistakes that cost me a little time. I finished at 2:22:93, a run that placed me 59th in the total (or in other words 24th in the ”small final”). I got pushed back a few placings but it is still my best result so far in a European cup so I am satisfied. It was still also my first competition this season so for me this was a good start and something for me to build on.


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