ESS – Vallåsen

This weekend was my first competition for this year. It was the first round of Sweden Enduro Series and was held in Vallåsen. The training started at 10:00 am at Saturday morning and ended at 16:00 pm, I used almost the whole training to practice the 6 different stages. I did 14 practice runs in total so almost 2 runs in every track.  The stages were really great and was very similar to a downhill track, so I really enjoyed it.


Saturday was raceday, as usual. The start set off at 9:30 am and I pedal my way up to the mountain top to reach stage 1. I had a bit struggle in the first two stages to really get in to ”race mode” but halfway through the stages I relaxed a bit more and rode better. I got through all the stages pretty clean without a crash or puncture. I only had some minor issues like bad shifting, bad braking points and some inferior  line choices. But you cant expect the first race of the season to be spotless, especially when my main focus is downhill and not enduro. I ended up at a 8th place with 110 participants in the elite class and about 200 riders in total. I had a really great weekend where I got to meet a lot of good friends that I haven’t seen in a while and rode some really great trails. Even though I would like to improve my result I am really happy with how the weekend went, now know what I have to improve to get better.

This was definitely the most fun enduro competition i have ridden!

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