Camp/ New Sponsors

Hi there!
I came home from a Swecycling camp yesterday. It was an intense four day camp that was located in Vansbro. The camp started with a Windgate and Ramp-test. The Windgate test is a 30 second sprint test and the ramp test shows how good you can handle lactic acid. You start at a 100W in resistance and another 20W adds up for every minute, the goal is to last as long as you can. I did my best result ever and finished at 450W and a time of 17 minutes and 16 seconds.

The other days included a whole lot of wet bike riding. Two days with Enduro riding in the morning and Downhill on the evening and one day with only Downhill. The clothes and the bikes was full with mud at the end of everyday. Every training was tough and I left Vansbro with a sore body but also with a good feeling on the bike. Thanks Swecycling and Idrottsgruppen for a very good pre-season camp!

Two New Sponsors

With the season just around the corner I am happy to announce that I have two new sponsors for this year. The first one is my everyday work, Lumek I Sandviken .
The other one Is Adidas Sports Eyewear that is going to provide me with goggles and glasses. I am going to ride in the Adidas id2 and the Adidas Pinner goggles in Downhill and the Adidas Evileye Pro in Enduro.

Here´s two pics from the weekend!



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