Offseason part 2

The season is getting closer and the preparations for the upcoming season is going well. Due to the weather jumping back and forth from being cold and snowy to warm and wet there have been hard to schedule as much outdoor training as I wanted. So it has been a lot of hours spent on the indoor bike and at the gym with a lot of focus on balance.
I have spent some time on my new Specialized Enduro 29″ bike and i’m really pleased with it. I thought I would be uncomfortable with bigger wheels but i’m actually enjoying it a lot! I’ve managed to squeeze in a few rides in the woods just before the snow came. Here is a clip from Högbos trails!

Here is an example how you can look after a 40 km ride in a snowy late december!



The schedule for the upcoming season is almost complete, there is a few dates missing and not everything is set, but if things go as I want then I will be spending more time in Europe this summer than previous years. I will do an update as soon as everything is set!



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