Last race this season

Last weekend I were in Drammen to race the Nordic Championships. My bus was in the workshop to have all the rust removed and Cykelgymnasiet had room for one more in their bus so I went there with them.
We arrived in Drammen on friday afternoon and walked the track right away. After that it was time for a two hour training. The track was a lot different then last time I raced there. It was a real forest track with lots of roots and stone slobs, but also a pretty flat track at some of the sections so the key to do good at this track was to keep the momentum up. On Saturday we had the official trackwalk from 9-11 and training from 11-17, I started with walking the track once again and then prepaired my bike before I started riding. The rain came in just when I took the lift up to do my first run and it made the track so much harder to ride. I adapted to the conditions after a few runs and was feeling up to pace.

Sunday started early with training in the rain and qualifications at ten o clock in the morning. I had a solid run with a few mistakes on the way down, I didn’t push it that much, I was just trying to get a timed run. It got me to a 11th place and I knew a whole lot of places that I could go faster on for my final run.

To the final run, I did a proper warm up and was really focused and dedicated to do a run where I would leave nothing out. I pedaled through the first part of the track as hard as I could. Then when I got to the first steep section I missed my line and went into a rock at the bottom that made my derailleur tensioner snap. The bike was still rideable but the derailleur kept smashing to the frame making an awful noise. I got through the track just fine until I got to the next steep section. I blew both of my feet out of the pedals and almost stood still at the bottom of it. At that point I knew it was over. I made my way down almost crashing once again even though I cruised my way down. I still ended up at a 12th place so it´s too bad that I had a shitty run.


This season hasn´t been my best but I’m going to change some things for next season and train even harder to make the results I know I’m capable of doing.

I want to thank my sponsors who has been there for me this season, I´m really thankful for your support, hopefully the results will come next year.



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