NC Oppdal & Gesunda Enduro

As many times before I am a little late with the update of my website. My computer crashed and I recently got it back. Now here´s an update with two races.

The first race was the Norwegian cup race in Oppdal. A very long track with high overall speed. This time it was me, Johan and Michael who lived in my bus and we arrived late on thursday night. The training began on friday and we walked the track first thing in the morning. It looked really nice and I was eager to ride my bike. I rode  the whole friday and saturday and was feeling good, I quickly found my lines and was getting up to pace.

On saturday it was time for the qualification run and the final run.  I took it easy on my qualification run and tried to find a good rhytm along the long track. I got in on a 5:th place about 5 seconds after first place. I saw that I was a bit behind on the first split so I knew where I could go faster in the final run.
In the final I gave it all and pushed hard from the start. I had a few sketchy moments but I made it down in one piece and landed on a 4:th place with 1 second after 2:st place and 5 seconds after 1:st place.  My time was 4:22:39.

It was nice to have one result this year that I felt really good about, Oppdal was a really good racing weekend overall.

The next race for me was an Enduro race in Gesunda that was a part of the swedish enduro series. I was really looking forward to compete here, because I knew that the mountain have really good tracks. Unfortunately I did not like the stages that much. I liked the first stage but in the others I could´t find the flow. I was struggling through the competition and ended up crashing in the last stage because I forgot to unlock my suspension at the start. I ended up at a 15th place, way back. Not a result that I were so proud about.


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