Nationals and Hafjell

Lately I’ve not been motivated to update the website due to my results so far this season. Things have not come my way that I had hoped it would. With only a few races left of this season I will try to perform at my best to get a race run that i’m satisfied with. Here comes two race reports from Vallåsen and Hafjell.

First off was the National championships in Vallåsen. It was pouring down the whole weekend and the track got really slippery and heavy rolled. I felt confident the whole weekend and was riding the way I wanted. In the qualifications I rode a bit laidback to get a steady run to compare myself to the other competitors. I  came in on fifth place and I felt like I had a good chance to get to the podium if I had a good run in the finals. My final run was good at the top part, I kept the momentum through the flat section and just when it started to get steeper again I throwed it all away. It was a pair of switchback turns that I entered weird and next thing I knew I was outside the track. I got in to the track as fast as I could but the mistake cost me too much time so I ended up in eight place. This was the race I had been looking forward to the whole year so I got pretty upset about it. But in the end of the day my head was already thinking about  the next race.

The weekend after Vallåsen I went to Hafjell, to race the Norwegian cup. I thought that this was a good place to seek redemption for my bad run in Vallåsen. The track was in perfect condition and I was having so much fun on the practice.  The last run of the day on Saturdays training I crashed really hard. I hit a pointy rock with my backwheel so hard that the rim cracked. I moved all my weight on to the front wheel and it bent and threw me over the bars and I landed straight on my face. I crawled off the track and rested for a minute then went off the track with a broken bike. I got a decent concussion that left me with a big headache for the weekend.  Later that day I fixed the bike and had it prepared for the race. I did the training on Sunday and felt a little off the pace with the head and all, but I had decided that I would go through the race anyway. The qualification run felt smooth and steady until I had a minor crash in the end. The crash did not really bother me that much instead I looked at the time and saw that I wasn´t that far behind.

For my final run i did my warm up as usual and was ready to do a proper race run. When it was my turn to enter the start gate my pedal came of the axle. Somehow the pedals thread was broken from the inside so the whole pedal came off when I took my foot off the pedal. I tried to remount it again but it was no point. So i left Hafjell with a bad feeling from not even get the chance of doing my race run.

Last weekend I was training in Järvsö and did some timed training in their downhill track, Kristin. It felt really good, I improved my recent record with 5 seconds and kept that consistency for another four timed runs. It was a bit of boost to get me energized and motivated for this weekend race that takes place in Oppdal, Norway.


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