Back home in Sweden

We had a lot of bad luck before with rental cars, workshops and bad timing. Now I can finally say that things is going good again.

The workshop were closed on both Monday and Wednesday so we were without our bikes for a total of five days.On Wednesday we visited the workshop again to see if we could get our bikes and get an update about the car. We got our bikes and were at the same time told that they were not going to look at the car until Friday.

We went to Pila right away to spend the Thursday in their bike park. I had a great time riding my bike again. Later that day I got a call from the insurance company saying that the car was already repaired. It was the KSR chip that were broken, it was a simple problem, so I ended up paying only 130 Euros. We rode in Pila bikepark on Friday morning, then went to the workshop get my car and start our long drive home.
Besides all the trouble with injuries and car problem I had a really good time in Europe and I hope to do a trip the next years as well, but with a bit more luck.

On Saturday it´s time for the Swedish national championship in Vallåsen so this week will be all about reloading my batteries so I can perform at my best in my most important race for this year.


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