Changing the website – To English

I´ve noticed that I´ve been getting a whole lot more international readers on my website so I decided  to make the website in english from now on.

First of all Me and Michael didn’t make it to Les Deux Alpes to compete because the insurance company couldn’t get a rental car for us in time. When that wouldn’t work we thought we could get one the next day and go to Pila and train, but no. They could not fix a rental car for us in two days.Now we are stranded in Annecy without bikes or a car so I figured why not make some changes the website. As seen in the recent update my car got towed to the workshop and they are going to start repair it on Wednesday. I still don’t have information about what the problem is, but my prediction is that the turbo is broken. If everything goes as planned from now on we are going to get a rental car on Monday, go and get our bikes from my car at the workshop and travel to Pila to do some downhill riding while the car gets repaired.
As soon as the car is on the run again we are heading straight home to Sweden.


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